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Our Mission

Our Mission and Service Goals for Falcon One Properties

What is our Mission? –
Falcon One will exceed the expectations of our clients by emphasizing courtesy, prompt service and active management of the properties in our care.

Who is our Customer? – Our clients are everyone who interacts with Falcon One. Our key customers are Owners, Tenants in Commercial Properties, Real Estate Agents and their clients, Appraisers, Mortgage Brokers, City Organizations and Vendors. Our secondary customers are neighbors of our properties, and residential tenants of our owners.

Courtesy – It is our objective to build a relationship and rapport with anyone who contacts Falcon One. We want everyone we interact with to provide unsolicited testimonials that we excel at what we do. We seek to leave an impression with everyone that Falcon One Employees are:

    a. Friendly, cheerful and good natured.
    b. Happy to help.
    c. Understanding that the customers’ issues are important to them.
    d. Respectful of their point of view.

Prompt Service- We generate trust and a reservoir of good will by responding actively to questions, concerns or emergencies. We seek to leave an impression with everyone we interact with that Falcon One Employees are:

    a. Quick to respond to calls, emails and notes sent with payments.
    b. Able to provide confident and quick answers to routine questions.
    c. Reliable to follow back up on issues that require research.
    d. Timely in completing board/owner requests for routine tasks(ie. letters,
    invoice questions)

Active Property Management- We are ourselves more valuable by showing leadership with our boards and expertise on property issues. Furthermore, we build trust and confidence within our customers by our accuracy and systematic approach to management. We seek to leave an impression with everyone we interact with that Falcon One Employees are:

    a. Creative with a vision for their properties and proactive with ideas for the care of our properties.
    b. Attentive to the accuracy of financial statements and accounting.
    c. Selective with vendors who offer quality and reasonably priced services with personalities and integrity that will impress our clients.
    d. Thorough with records and documentation of any correspondence or backup material which could ever possibly be controversial or contentious.
    e. Aware of what is happening at their properties.

Real Estate Sales
As your agent, we at Falcon One Properties are dedicated to providing all of our clients with honest, responsible, professional, quality service.

In order to provide our clients with this excellent service, we pledge to the following:

  • Always be diligent in locating our clients’ new home and/or assisting in the sale of your current home.
  • Always represent our clients’ best interests at all times.
  • Guide our clients through the entire home buying and/or selling process.
  • Be available to provide our clients with sound advice throughout their real estate journey.
  • Provide our clients with the highest quality service in the Carolinas.